Trust S.I.V.A herbal drops, offer ‘Rafale’s’ support to your immunity

Boost or support to the immune defense system is inevitable throughout our life cycle because the ecosystem where we live is also ‘paradise’ of several invisible pathogenic microbes such as virus, bacteria, fungi and parasite.  The immune defense that is built in our body at birth although could meet several challenges but due to sudden and spontaneous change in the habitat and or due to rhythmic changes in the season such as summer, monsoon, winter and spring, our immune defense may fail to threaten the newly emerged pathogens and their associated virulence, beside their heavy burden. 

Our innate immunity is the first barrier of our defense and therefore we need to strengthen the same in order to have a disease free life.  The acquired immune defense attained by our body either by active or passive means always need a pathogen – modified or attenuated to elicit.  Therefore, the acquired immune defense cannot be easily activated without the help of an antigen.

The COVID era has certainly awakened mankind about his susceptibility to diseases and also how his lifestyle in totality is so weak and vulnerable, which need immediate re-boot. 

In ancient Siddha system of medicine, more than treatment, greater emphasis is given for disease free life through a holistic life style.  The primary humor system of our body such as ‘Vata’, ‘Pita’ and ‘Kapha’ constituents when undergo derailment, the outcome is often an imbalance to our wellness-quotient.    Understanding the essence and basic tent of Siddha system of medicine, Dr. JRK’s Research and Pharmaceuticals Pvt., Ltd., Chennai has formulated S.I.V.A herbal drops immune boosting herbal drops to strengthen the immune defense mechanism.  Extensive scientific research on S.I.V.A herbal drops has given us sufficient and substantial authority to designate SIVA in metaphorical sense as ‘Rafale’ to the immune defense to fight all kinds of pathogens such as

  1. Newly emerged
  2. Pre-existing
  3. Virulence increased
  4. Seasonal influence

SIVA selectively increases the phagocytic ability of macrophages of peritoneal and alveolar origin and also the phagocytic ability remains stable even during hypoxic condition (COVID) when SIVA treatment is offered.  SIVA is a polyherbal preparation, which is effective, safe and palatable – a total Siddha medicine.  Trust SIVA, offer ‘Rafale’s’ support to your immunity, have a life free from diseases, naturally the age will favour you a long life.

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