Like the above proverb, the agony of our life also can be correlated with the English grammar – future tense i.e., past imperfect make the future tense.   In real life also, our past activity only script our future and the past and future in our life always exist only as present and therefore all our actions must revolve around the present instead we pine or ponder over future or past, too much.

From the above philosophical sense, we must also traverse into protecting and safeguarding our health, especially when we are hale and healthy and not during sick and aged. 

The importance of ‘preventive health approach was known to our ancestors of antiquity well, which appears to have been forgotten and neglected by the present generation.  During stone age, the problem was mortality than sickness and suffering as most diseases would easily result in loss of life because there was no medicine and knowledge about the disease.  Therefore, people gave great thrust and importance for preventive health care practices which includes, spiritual activity, self-discipline (dinacharya, ritu-charya), clothing patter according to season, food regime change according to season, age etc., to maintain good health. 

The burden of diseases that we suffer today, be it communicable or non-communicable are mostly due to the sad demise and merciless aberration of our healthy life style and mental health which has turned inordinate.  A synecdoche failure in preventive health care only has resulted the above chaos.

Dr. JRK’s Research and Pharmaceuticals Pvt., Ltd., Chennai is a pioneer organization in introducing research based products from ancient Siddha and Ayurveda systems of medicine where all its products besides offering excellent therapeutic value also would simultaneously impart good health.   Our products often work along with our own body system by following closely with dhathu and pancha bootha centres to encourage and strengthen our immune system so that healing happens more from within, faster, better and stronger. 

Our products for Psoriasis and Vitiligo, for hair growth, skin lightening effect, for dandruff and acne and for many other problems, offer absolute result which not even the best of the best steroid or other potent pharmaceutical agents of allopathy could achieve.   We are the foremost organization in including the soul and mind of ancient Siddhars (complete philosophy of AYUSH) in the pharmacological framework our products. 

Due to over eating, consumption of Jung food, untimely and in-disciplined eating, lack of adequate sleep and rest, life of full of tension and worries, greed, lust, anger etc., have totally de-railed the harmonious existence of human with his nature resulting in total breakdown of preventive health care. Many diseases can be prevented and also can be cured just with AYUSH medicine if we follow preventive health care approach prescribed by the system than wasting huge money on treatment, often turns out to be futile.   Learn more about AYUSH research and our products by vising our site or correspond with us.

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