Rainy season is the most notorious season where spread of common cold and flu is the fastest. Common cold during this season comes along with headache and sore throat. Other symptoms like runny nose and nasal congestion also accompany cough due to the damp weather.

Whether it’s the cold spells, pouring rains or hot and humid summers, respiratory viruses and allergies never leave a single opportunity to infect us. The dry and cold air during winters can dry out the nasal passage and simply irritate the throat and lungs causing cough.

As the winter sets in, days become shorter. This reduces our exposure to direct sunlight. Lack of exposure to sunlight can cause Vitamin D deficiency which can weaken our immune system. Because the defence mechanism of the immune system is affected, viruses can survive, grow and multiply in our body for a longer period of time. 

The worst part is that coughing is no longer only dependent on just seasonal changes. Looking at the erratic climate changes taking place daily, people with a healthy immune system also catch up respiratory infections.

It is very important to take precautions and follow the crucial steps to stay away from such medical conditions during change in seasons.

To prevent a cold when you feel it coming

To prevent cold if you see it coming, you can follow few tips such as; add turmeric and black pepper to your diet. Turmeric is known to have a very strong anti-inflammatory effect and is a very strong antioxidant. If you add a pinch of black pepper with turmeric in your diet, it would enhance its absorption in your body giving you a stronger immune system and keeping you free from cough and cold.

JRK’s Anti Coff Syrup – Unique cough formula with blood purifying effect

  • Controls dry & allergic cough.
  • Soothens and minimizes the dryness of throat
  • Suppresses the irritant reactions in the respiratory passage
  • Local anti-inflammatory effect

Non drowsy formulation

Key ingredients

Aniscochilus carnosus: mild stimulant and expectorant of phlegm. Acts as mucolytic agent (mucous thinning) and helps to expel the phlegm out.

Leucas aspera: It has been proven to possess various pharmacological activities like antioxidant, antimicrobial etc. It is commonly used to treat nasal congestion, coughing, fever with cold.

Ocimum sanctum:  It helps to mobilize mucus in bronchitis and asthma. Tulsi leaves relieves cold and flu. It has got beneficial effect in cough and breathing problem due to phlegms and cough alleviator.

Solanum trilobatum: Solanum trilobatum or Thuthuvalai is a well documented herb for treating various types of cough, asthma and soothes the dryness of throat. Plant pacifies vitiated pitta, kapha, cough, bronchitis, dyspnoea, anorexia, worm infestation.

Acalypha indica:  well documeted for the treatment of asthma, cough, bronchitis and tuberculosis and the flowers, leaves and root are possessed anti-inflammatory property.

Adathoda vasica: It is used to help in relieving cough and other symptoms of colds. The soothing action helps irritation in the throat and the expectorant will help loosen phlegm deposits in the airway.

Do Regular Exercise

A regular workout routine helps to minimize stress in life and helps in accelerating the circulation of white blood cells which are the disease-fighting cells.

Drink Green Tea

Green Tea comprises of antioxidants and tea polyphenols, including EGCG. All of these elements can help boost overall health. Further, the antioxidants help eliminate harmful bacteria and free radicals that can make you susceptible to the common cold, flu, and auto-immune diseases. Additionally, green tea contains anti-inflammatory properties that help soothe inflammation and irritation that can cause a sore throat.

Sleep well

Our body releases cytokines during long periods of sleep, and cytokines are a type of protein that regulates the immune system to help the body fight infections. Therefore, a good night sleep is important for a healthy immunity and is one of the significant tips to stay away from cold and cough in this monsoon.

To avoid infectious diseases, you must follow all the tips to stay away from cold and cough in this monsoon season. Hopefully, all the tips mentioned above will be beneficial for you to minimize the chances of common cold, and thus help you remain healthy.

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