Mind refreshment formula

Life, free of ‘pain’ is not just the strong wish, desire or ambition of everyone but it is indeed the destination too.  The pain can manifest at thought level, at mind level or at body level.  It means life is full of pain and while we swimming in the pool of various pains, we often find a glimpse joy or happiness; many may move on with fantasizing the glimpse with the hope to sustain it while others, once again bounce back in the same pool to remain sad and sullen.  This is all about philosophy and psychology of pain in general.

The medical pain or physical pain is indeed would affect our life very badly.  Therefore, decreasing the pain or increasing the pain threshold is the common attempt the modern day medical science adopts.   When one recognizes the scientific reasons behind his or her pain and understand the absolute limitations of the allopathic medical therapy, naturally that would increase the pain threshold.   

However, the pain we are likely to experience due the pull and push, stress and strain sandwiched by anxiety in our everyday life do cause pain but such pain would often manifest especially when our day is done and we opt for rest.  The big question is, do we need drugs to treat such pain or can we adopt other means to refresh our body and mind and relieve pain so that our desire to relax at the end of busy day is well preserved?

Answer to the above question comes from Akshun. 

Akshun is an instant pain relief remedy born out of intensive research and creative and ingenious invention.  Unlike other topical pain relief preparations, Akshun is prepared as bath lotion.  After your busy day of boredom, tiredness, anxiety, frustration…… etc., you want to end your day with painless rest.  Under such circumstances, use Akshun bath lotion, give a gentle wash to your entire body with Akshun pain bath using lukewarm water, you just not remove dirt from your skin, but indeed would relieve your pain as well.

Further the mind refreshment formula would spring freshness, feel nice state and joy in your mind that you cannot express but indeed could experience

Get ready to experience such joy, relieve pain and make your life pain-free.  The consortium of essential oils such as menthol, methyl salicylate, turpentine, Eucalyptus etc., instantly flummox the pain receptor through their counter irritant action, relieve you from pain and you don’t have to burden your skin with the residual effect of Akshun.  Whereas other pain relief products would stay over your skin and would make you feel very messy. 

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