Why joint pain increase in winter?

In the winter, atmospheric pressure is often higher than the summer since cold air is denser than warm air. Atmospheric pressure acting on the joints decreases in wintertime allowing the joints to expand a little bit resulting in stretching of tissues around the joint. This irritates nerve endings which causes pain. That’s why when the weather is cold, […]

Various types of pain relief products and its limitations- Need of the hour for herbal based products

Pain is more than just a feeling of discomfort. It can affect the way you feel overall. It may also lead to mental health conditions, like depression and anxiety. When your joints are painful or your muscles ache, topical painkillers — those you apply to your skin — may offer relief. Pain-relief methods range from at-home treatments and […]

Lifestyle changes to reduce pain

Pain can challenge or change the activities you choose to do, the thoughts you have and even the sleep you get. Pain will increase your stress and frustration, sapping your motivation and activity levels, and contributing to fatigue. With so many different sources of information, narrowing recommendations down and implementing new lifestyle changes can be confusing. […]

Pain and its mechanism behind!

Pain is an unpleasant feeling or body’s reflection telling us something isn’t right. Every person’s body is different, the pain perception and pain tolerance can differ so much from one person to another. Here are different classes of pain. Get to know what kind of pain you are going through. The most important thing to […]

Role of physical activity to maintain pain less life

Regular physical activity can relieve stress, anxiety, depression that helps you look and feel young & energetic. Without regular activity, your body gradually loses its strength, power, stamina and ability to function efficientlty.  Physical activity or exercise can improve your health and reduce the risk of developing several diseases like type 2 diabetes,

Role of exercises in physical health & in reducing pain

Chronic pain is defined as pain lasting beyond normal tissue healing time, generally taken to be 12 weeks. It contributes to disability, anxiety, depression, sleep disturbances, poor quality of life and healthcare costs. Chronic pain has a weighted mean prevalence in adults of 20%. For many years, the treatment choice for chronic pain included recommendations […]