Neither deny nor delay DcoD to do its best

Remove your worries about the offspring of Diabetes mellitus with DcoD

Diabetes is never an orphan disease, always it comes with several of its siblings.  Further diabetes is also like a lemming or shrew that would produce several of its offspring called co-morbidities.   Therefore, the major approach of addressing hyperglycemia both at symptom level and diagnostic level may bring relief but remember the sword of Damocles is still hanging over your head as the medical predecessor of diabetes is still active and not going to go silent or calm with reduction of blood glucose burden.    Therefore, from the day the diagnosis of diabetes is confirmed, organ protection care must start and such medication must run parallel to blood glucose reduction and also must continue as long life stays with the body.  

Today the treatment for organ level protection like addressing diabetic nephropathy, neuropathy, cardio-vascular problems, retinopathy, live protection, lipid control, control of proteinuria etc., are adopted only after clinical manifestation of such medical problem is noticed.  But ideally the protection measures need to be initiated well in advance, proactively so that organ health is not allowed to deteriorate.   

JRK’s DcoD is a poly-herbal Siddha drug that has been tested extensively at laboratory, pre-clinical and clinical level and convincing scientific evidence has been established for DcoD proving its role in the management of diabetes and organ health.  Neither delay nor deny DcoD from doing its best to your life.  Rush fast to DcoD and insure the organs long health.

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