Viral pathogen load would increase in the environment with the onset of monsoon, post monsoon, winter and early summer.   In consonance with the increased load of viral pathogens, especially the respiratory pathogens, the incidence of viral infection also would increase and thereby the infected viral pathogens acquire more virulence and thereon, horizontal transmission would occur without any hindrance. 

The viral pathogens soon after entry into the human system, would cause an array of pathological changes and out of which the reduction of appetite is the most significant change.  The appetite loss would make the host weak and tired where the immune recumbence is totally tethered and tattered.   The above event is quite cyclic, year after year and therefore the pre-emptive, proactive, preventive approach is the best than reactive measures. 

Nilavembu kudineer is the wonder drug gifted to humanity by Siddha system of medicine.  The drug is composed of 9 medicinal herbs in dried, powdered form.  The drug is made as decoction and then taken but the cumbersome process of making kudineer and its bitter taste is prohibiting the acceptance of the same despite Nilavembu kudineer being the best drug available on earth to combat viral pathogens. 

In order to cause genocide of most of the seasonal viral pathogens that cause upper respiratory tract infection, Dr. JRK’s Research and Pharmaceuticals Pvt., Ltd., has brought out Nilavembu kudineer in ready to drink form where the powder can be dispensed in warm water, stir and then consume.  The ready to drink form of Nilavembu kudineer of our company not only help people to carnage viral pathogens easily but also such format or dosage form would help people to use Nilavembu kudineer easily to cherish the eternal benefit of Siddha system of medicine.

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