Psoriasis is a multifactorial disease of the skin, where the stratum corneum turnover time reduces by ¾ from its original time and as a result the daughter cells thus produced does not have the ability to provide the much needed protection to the skin. 

Dr JRK’s Research and Pharmaceuticals has already gifted 777 oil to the world to treat Psoriasis.  Further the company has brought out a novel treatment regimen considering the treatment requirements of the skin with respect to circadian rhythm. 

All such products of the company are topical preparations such as 777 oil, Psorolin oil, Psorolin ointment and Psorolin bathing bar.  But the company has realized that the Siddha system can provide much more wonders to Psoriatic patients than the above list of products and therefore the company researched further and brought out oral Pesin tablet for Psoriasis. 

Pesin has several wonderful medical benefits such as anti-inflammatory action, antioxidant activity, the cell proliferation regulation and elastin and collagen homeostasis. 

The AYUSH vaidyas in India have expressed their solidarity and faith in Pesin purely due to its ability to give the much needed relief to the patients. 

The base Ashwagandha in the tablet has additional anxiolytic effect which further offer calmness to the mind of the Psoriatic patients.  Explore the wonder world of Siddha system, benefit from Pesin and form your lifelong bandage with the products of the company.

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