Eczema and Dermatitis are common problems all over the world.  Eczema is non-contagious inflammation of the skin with redness, scaling, oozing and itching.

Two factors are important in Eczema. First- an allergic or sensitive skin. Second- exposure to irritant. Familial sensitiveness is an important factor. Climatic extremes and stress also promote the development of eczema.

Eczema is a chronic inflammatory skin disorder and so several misconceptions spin around it.

Myth 1  :  It is contagious.

Fact        :  Eczema is absolutely not contagious and is not spread through physical contact.

Myth 2  :  It is hereditary

Fact        :  While it is not completely hereditary, around 60% links are present to familial causes. It is said that filaggrin gene is responsible. People with Atopic eczema have an over reactive immune system that produces inflammation when triggered by something outside or inside the body.  It is a “combination of genes and trigger”.

Myth 3  :   It has an immediate cure

Fact        :   There is no immediate cure. But lot of treatments are available. Preventive care plays a major role. Usage of Lippu Oil twice a day over infected areas provides fantastic results for managing eczema.

Myth 4  :   Eczema is the same as Psoriasis

Fact        :   Psoriasis is different from Eczema. In Psoriasis, Rashes are thick scaly and are usually not triggered by allergens.

Myth 5  :   Steroid creams are necessary

Fact        :   Steroid creams are useful only in extremely severe conditions. If one maintains healthy skin, the need for steroid cream usage reduces drastically and avoid the harmful side effects of steroids. Soak and Seal method postpones the recurrence.

Myth 6  :   Eczema produces permanent scar.

Fact        :   Generally, no. It causes skin discolouration, striae and skin thickening which are                                 uncomfortable or unpleasant.


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