Dry skin is a common problem which is usually not serious. But it is uncomfortable and unsightly. It occurs at any age for many reasons. Skin becomes dry when it loses too much water or oil.

Skin is the most vulnerable organ for environmental factors like hot and cold weather; low humidity.


Age:  As age increases, the dryness of skin also increases. After the age of forty, it is prominent.

Climate:  Living in dry climate tends to make skin dry. Skin tends to be a driest in winter. Heat and central heating are also cause for dry skin because it reduces the humidity of air.

Disease: Psoriasis and Atopic eczema. In these conditions, dryness occurs due to disturbance of skin barrier mechanism.

Occupation: People who often immerse their skin in water throughout the day are vulnerable. Swimmers get dry skin due to high levels of chlorine.


  • Frequent application of moisturizers can prevent dry skin. It makes the skin softer, smoother and less likely to crack.
  • Reduce the use of hot water because hot water quickly removes the skin oils and water. Warm water is best.
  • Use only gentle cleanser. High fatted and less alkaline soaps are beneficial. Dr JRK’s Psorolin Medicated bathing Bar is enriched with Aloe Vera oil which is a natural moisturizer and Wrightia oil which is a skin conditioner.
  • Limit the bath time to 5-10 minutes
  • Apply moisturizer immediately after bath to lock the moisture
  • Use proper cloth cover in winter
  • Taking oil bath at regular intervals and butter application at night are beneficial





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