Digestive problems and peptic diseases have become a common problem today due to consumption of fast food and unhealthy lifestyle. These digestive problems happen when open sores occur in the lining of the stomach and intestine. They can cause several problems such as stomach pains, bloating, belching, intolerance to fatty foods, heart burns and nausea.

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To address these health problems, it is important to make a few lifestyle changes such as avoiding oily, spicy foods, reducing alcohol intake and eating healthy. In addition to these lifestyle changes, in most cases, having a digestive aid or antacid helps sooth the stomach by proving relief from the discomfort. It is better to address these problems in a natural and herbal way, rather than just swallowing medicines that are synthetic.

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Dr.JRK’s Yelathi tablets are filled with the goodness of spices like elaichi, dry ginger, pepper and clove that aid natural digestion. Elaichi is carminative by nature and helps speed up digestion, reduces inflammation of the stomach lining, fights heart burn and nausea. Dry ginger is a healing food that promotes gut health, while cloves are known to improve saliva production and treats heart burns. Pepper helps to cleanse the intestines and aids digestion. These herbal ingredients make Yelathi tablet unique and effective.

Once JRK’s Yelathi tablet is popped in the mouth, the unique mouth melt formulation melts the tablet, rapidly releasing the healing essence of the herbs. This rapid release of the ingredients ensure fast absorption resulting in a quick relief from stomach discomfort and promotes natural digestion.

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