Psoriasis is an auto immune mediated inflammatory disorder of skin and it comes with raised, red and scaly patches typically on back of elbow, front of lower leg, scalp and back.

Cause for psoriasis is not known yet, but immune system and genetics play major role as trigger factors. The skin cells of affected area proliferate at an abnormal fast rate so the scales formed.

Psoriasis not contagious, flare ups can be effectively managed with  medications: Dr Monica Bambroo | Health Tips and News

Despite the fact that there has been a lot of progress in understanding immunology, genetics, and treatment of psoriasis, these harmful myths and stereotypes still exist. It is very important to educate the public about psoriasis and not allow myths to spread.

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The theme for upcoming World Psoriasis Day is “BE INFORMED”. Information is a key ingredient in the recipe for empowerment.

Informed society will know that psoriasis is not transmittable to/from another person by touch or close contact, which will help to lessen the stigma, discrimination and exclusion of people living with psoriasis

Myth 1:  It is contagious

Psoriasis is Not Contagious > Dr. Health Clinic

Fact:  Psoriasis is non communicable and immune related inflammatory skin disorder and it will not spread through any physical contacts.

Myth 2:  It is curable

Fact:  Psoriasis is not curable. But it is treatable. Many internal and topical medications are available now days. Minimise symptoms with proper medication and preventive care.

Psoriasis : Symptom, Causes, Types & Treatment » How To Relief

Myth 3: It has no treatment

Fact: Psoriasis is a chronic skin problem and unknown cause. So it is not curable. Newer treatment methods and drugs are available. We can control the disease with proper treatment and healthy life style.

Myth 4: It is spread through sexual intercourse

Fact: Psoriasis is not contagious and non infectious disease. So it is not spread through physical touch.

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Myth 5: It is mere skin disease

Fact: Psoriasis is skin disease primarily. But the patients are more susceptible to arthritis, diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular disease in longer period of time.

Psoriasis is a systemic disease of chronic inflammation, which is... |  Download Scientific Diagram

Myth 6: It is to become cancer

Fact: No. Cancer cell growth is different from Psoriasis and Psoriasis patches never become cancer cells. In Psoriasis, hyper proliferation of cells occurs and cell turn over time reduced to nearly 4 days from 28 days. No metastasis in Psoriasis.

Myth 7: Psoriasis Is Caused by Poor Hygiene

Psoriasis is an autoimmune disease and has nothing to do with poor hygiene. It is neither caused or worsened by poor hygiene. Much like other illnesses of the immune system, people who have the condition have a genetic tendency to develop it.

On this World Psoriasis Day –  “BE INFORMED” about the myths and facts and help to lessen the stigma, discrimination and exclusion among society. While the world manages a communicable disease crisis, we cannot forget that people living with non-communicable diseases continue to be vulnerable. It is clear that our health systems need to become more resilient. To confront these uncertain times, know these myths and facts and help people living with psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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