Vitiligo is an autoimmune condition that causes loss of skin colour characterized by white to pale pink patches and is a progressive hypo-melanosis. Melanocytes (Pigment-producing cells) are destroyed in certain areas or stop functioning in vitiligo conditions.

It affects people of any age, gender or ethnic group. It’s not medically dangerous and not contagious too, but affects the external appearance. It can occur on any part of your body.

Etiology (Cause)

Vitiligo is an autoimmune disease and the exact reason for it is unknown. In people with autoimmune diseases, the immune cells attack the body’s own healthy tissues instead of foreign substances that invade our body.

A person with vitiligo sometimes may have family members who also have the disease. Even in case of accidents there are chances of getting vitiligo. There are some treatments help the skin tone appear more even.

Ways to treat

Objectives of the treatment could be

  • Re-pigmentation (Bring back color to white patches of skin)
  • Prevention of existing melanocytes destruction

Treatments can include:

  • Medicines or medicated skin creams, helps in re-pigmentation
  • Use of light therapy to activate melanin production
  • Grafting can be done if the spots are minimum

Topical treatments for vitiligo has many advantages. It ensures no adverse effects or side effects. Nevertheless, topical application of drugs is not a simple matter.

How topical therapy is advantageous

Topical therapy is employed as first-line treatment in localized vitiligo. The major topical forms are oils, lotions, creams and ointments to serve or deliver what is required, where it is required.

  • Topical medical treatment triggers the melanin generation and regain & retain the native skin colour.
  • Topical medicaments are accounted for greater penetration and ability to place the drug molecules at the desired site of action for a prolonged period
  • Skin-friendly: The topical oils and creams are to improve the skin condition with the properties of nonirritating, non-sensitizing, nontoxic and moisture retentive.

The mechanism for the treatment

The mechanism of pigmentogenesis in mammalian system is quite complex. The melanocytes are not just responsible for the production of melanin (skin pigment) but also in the transfer of melanin to adjacent skin cells (keratinocytes) for an even colouration of the skin. Any quantitative or qualitative defects in the melanocytes do affect in the melanosome transfer to keratinocytes and that can result in pigmentory disorders.

Many AYUSH preparations are available in the market for the vitiligo treatment, however the real efficacy of all such products remain mystery. For the effective treatment of Vitiligo, the drug must act both at melanocytes and also in the transfer of melanosomes to keratinocytes.

TOLENORM OIL and Tolenorm OINTMENT offers all the above benefits in effective Vitiligo treatment

The combination of Tolenorm oil and Tolenorm ointment triggers the cascading effect such as

1. Tyrosinase production leads to melanin synthesis

2. Induces alpha MSH accelerating melanogenesis

3. Increase in the length and formation of dendrites in melanocytes

4. Transfer of melanin to keratinocytes

Based on these unique benefits Tolenorm oil is proven to be the best oil for vitiligo (leucoderma treatment)

Protection from the sun

Sunburn is a severe risk if you have vitiligo. You must protect your skin from the direct exposure of the sun. Usually melanin protects the skin from ultraviolet (UV) rays when it is exposed to sunlight, but in vitiligo there is not enough melanin in your skin, so it is not protected and actually affects the existing skin cells.

Always apply a sunscreen, ideally with a sun protection factor (SPF) of 30 or above, to protect your skin from sunburn and long-term damage.

One such Vitiligo ointment that offers the above said benefits with ultimate sun protection – TOLENORM OINTMENT

  • Increases skin pigmentation (melanogenesis)
  • Offers sun protection
  • Non-messy and Non-greasy formula

Dual drug therapy offers quick absorption, faster action, sustained release of actives and longer drug availability.

  • Regain skin pigments
  • Retain the existing melanised skin
  • Restrict the disease progression

Usage Instructions

Apply Tolenorm oil /ointment on affected areas thrice a day.


As directed by the physician.

For external use only

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