While cough and sore throat may be common problem, but, when they persist, they tend to pull your energy down and make you weak and helpless. Cold and cough are viral infections that can upset and irritate your throat and nose, affecting the quality of life.

Coughs and throat aches are also caused by seasonal changes and allergies. When allergens enter our breathing airway, it causes cough that doesn’t get suppressed until a cough medication is had. The cough medication available in the markets are filled with synthetic chemicals, taste bitter, or are filled with sugar. They also often contain alcohol and trend to make you sleepy and lethargic.

In order to address the problems of dry and allergic cough, Dr.JRK’s research has formulated an herbal cough formula called JRK’s Anti-coff syrup that contains the goodness of six herbs including tulsi, that calm your sore throat and treat your cough effectively in a natural way.

The taste of JRK’S Anti-coff is fresh and unique giving you good relief from your cough caused due to allergy and infection. Along with giving relief from dry and allergic cough, Anti-coff has a special property of removing toxins and allergens which means it has blood purifying effect.

An in vitro study proves the blood purification property which flushes out toxins and allergens from the body. The syrup is also a non-drowsy formulation, making it perfect for adults and children to consume it.

To have sustained relief from cough and sore throat throughout the day, choose JRK’s Anti-coff that is filled with goodness of herbs!

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