After a long gap due to pandemic, students started to go to school now. The question in every parent mind is how to protect their children from infections, how to make their children happy and healthy.

Here are few things which need to be followed as routine for the health of their wards.

  1. Healthy diet
  2. Good sleep
  3. Physical activity
  4. Manage students stress
  5. Simple day to day precautions
  6. Drinking enough water

Healthy diet

Children diet should be rich in fruits and vegetables, lean protein, fibres and multivitamins. Dairy and probiotics should be included in the diet for calcium and other vitamin requirements. Should avoid the processed food, oil fried items, sugar rich food, carbonated drinks etc. It’s not like complete avoidance but can reduce the usage of these food items.

Good sleep

Availability and handiness of gadgets are also responsible for the reduction of sleep in children. Children should have enough sleep to have a better immunity. Parents should take care of their children to have adequate sleep. This also helps in reducing the stress also.

Physical activity

Children should have adequate physical activity to prevent from metabolic disorders. Having the physical activity like walking, playing in ground helps the children to reduce their stress and improve the immunity of the ward.

Manage students stress

Give enough space for your children for the play, invest time to engage children as a family etc. Also make sure that he/she is spending time with the people they like and also give them freedom and confidence to talk about anything they like and this will help them to relieve from stress.

Simple day to day precautions

Make sure they are taking good food and is practicing good habits like washing the hands and legs after coming from outside, brushing their teeth properly, maintaining the hygiene etc for disease free life.

Drinking enough water

Last but not the least make sure your ward is having adequate quantity of water. This is very important to prevent many disease conditions.

Proven herbal Immune booster for children

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