Hair is a filamentous structure made up of protein called keratin. Hair strands are anchored to the hair bulb which forms the base of the hair follicles (tunnel shaped where the hair starts to grow).

Hair development is a continuous cyclic process. All mature follicles go through a growth cycle consisting of four main phases:

Anagen phase – The growth phase

Catagen phase – The transtition phase

Telogen phase – The shedding phase

Hair’s health, like all other parts of our body, depends on our overall well-being. The hair follicles, which are deep rooted in the scalp, take their nourishment from a network of capillaries. Here are some salient aspects that play a critical role in impacting the rate at which the hair grows.

A balanced diet, which fulfills all the nourishment requirements of the follicle.  Proteins are the building blocks of hair. Along with proteins, vitamins also trigger the hair cycle. Specific vitamins can prolong the anagen phase and postpone the telogen phase.

Long tresses are only when stress & tensions are at bay. Severe psychological stress leads to a condition of temporary hair loss, inducing more hair to enter the resting and shedding phase of the hair cycle called telogen effluvium.

The scalp should be devoid of funguses & bacteria giving healthy base. Scalp conditions like dandruff, ringworm infection, alopecia areata, folliculitis, and seborrheic dermatitis lead to inflammation of hair follicles and itchiness in scalp affecting the structure and strength of follicles. 

Use of chemical-free products which will naturally pamper its normal growth. Blow dryers, flat irons, curling devices and hair straighteners apply heat to the hair making them brittle. Excessive hair cleansing can also promote hair loss as it may strip of natural oils from the hair.

Pollution free environment is the prime reason for health hair.  Exposure pollutants such as dust, smoke, lead and arsenic, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH) and volatile organic compounds settles on the scalp. Then migrate to the dermis and cause oxidative stress. Increased oxidative stress contributes to scalp irritation, redness, itching, excessive sebum secretion, dandruff, pain in the hair roots and hair loss.

Male and female pattern baldness is a result of hereditary hair loss (genetics). In males, testosterone hormone is converted to a more potent form called dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which binds to cells in hair follicles and damages them. In females, the hormone estrogen slows down hair growth and results in a thinner shaft of the hair. The levels of hormones are influenced by genetic susceptibility.

Higher as well as smaller amounts of thyroid hormone can cause brittle hair and hair loss. This cause hair damage by altering cell metabolism. These conditions lead to temporary hair loss.

Smoking restricts the blood vessels and affects blood flow in hair follicles, results in follicular inflammation due to the production of pro-inflammatory cytokines, retards hair growth.

Natural ways to grow hair

  • Oil massage
  • Regular Hair washing
  • Air-dry your hair
  • Hydrate your hair
  • Comb gently
  • Ditch heat-styling tools
  • Reach for chemical-free products

Such chemical free products for hair growth – Anagen Grow & Kesh raksha oil. Anagen grow, a unique hair growth serum scientifically proven for a total and permanent solution to the problem of hair loss and androgenic alopecia.

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