Dandruff is a very common condition where we find flakes like dry Skin on our Scalp. Oil glands and Hair Follicles in the scalp secret an oil called sebum which when produced more can cause dandruff and also due to overproduction of harmless yeast that is found in our scalp i.e., Malassezia and due to various other reasons too. One such reason is the change in the SEASONS.


Heat and humidity are quite common in summer. Because of high humidity and heat sweat is high and has less evaporation due to humidity. This results in the trapping of dust, oil, bacteria, etc that can easily build up on your scalp and results in dandruff which also weakens the scalp. This is also why hot and humid seasons are also the time when you might get dandruff. 

Don’t need to worry about dandruff, just need to have a few modifications to our routine.


  • Stay Hydrated

It is really important to stay hydrated throughout the year no matter what season/weather is which will keep both the Hair and Skin Healthy. Water intake especially in summer has to be more because of the increased heat generation in the environment and also in the body. Due to the increase in the temperature, our body gets dehydrated quickly and it leads to various skin and hair problems. So it is very important to keep the body temperature at bay.

  • Cover the hair

Covering up your hair when out is the number one tip for protecting hair in summers is keeping it covered. You can use a scarf, hat, caps, or bandanas to cover your head when you’re out in the sun. This tip works two ways, it provides extra UV protection, while also retaining moisture in the hair

  • Cleanse with mild and hydrating shampoos

You can wash off the oil on the scalp by cleansing with a mild shampoo as suggested. It is also important to wash your hair often in the summer because there can be additional buildup in the scalp and oil due to pollution, sweat, and products. Washing the scalp with regular water and a mild shampoo will clean your scalp and keep your hair fresh and shiny.

  • Exfoliate your Scalp

Exfoliate your scalp gently by massaging your hair, either with a scalp exfoliating brush or with your fingertips, this will help to distribute oils more evenly, this will also boost blood flow, and keep your scalp moist. By Brushing your hair frequently also you can ensure that the oils distribute correctly.

  • Avoid using Heating tools

When using the heating tools on your hair the moisture in the hair will be removed following which dryness will lead to Dandruff. Heating tools are one of the major causes of hair damage. Extreme heat while grooming your hair damages the hair, and its texture and will lead to heavy hair fall and breakage. Even though you apply serum or heat protection to your hair before the usage of the heating tool there will be hair damage. So it is better to avoid the heating tools as much as possible for a natural and healthy hair

  • Eat healthy food

Whatever the weather, dandruff can come up at any time winter colds or summer heat are all too common. Keep your scalp healthy and in check from the inside out – avoid having processed and unhealthy foods, start eating food that enhances the natural oils and healthy fats, and practice being stress-free with lots of Exercises and Yoga.

A healthy diet makes you glow inside-out because of the nutrients, vitamins, and essential energy that are present in the food. Hair and our scalp need natural nutrients to stay healthy and nourished. So it is always advisable to use an herbal shampoo that contains the herbal activity that makes the hair healthy and does not cause any side effects.

LUMINA HERBAL SHAMPOO is an herbal formulated shampoo that helps reduce dandruff and prevents hair fall, therefore, giving us healthy, strong hair.

LUMINA HERBAL SHAMPOO contains various herbal actives such as

Each 5ml contains extracts of

Acacia sinuate               : 10mg

Aloe Vera                       :  2mg

Trigonella foenum        :  2mg

Hibiscus rosa sinensis  :   5mg

Indigofera tinctoria     :   5mg

Psoralea corylifolia      :   2mg

Shampoo base             :   Q.S

LUMINA HERBAL SHAMPOO is scientifically proven for its an anti-fungal activity where 60% of Canadida albicans are killed in a short contact time of 2MINUTES



For best results use thrice a week

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